Flume Explains Why He Doesn’t Enjoy Playing For “EDM Kids”!



Prodigious Australian producer & performer Flume has recently voiced his disdain at the crop of young EDM fans, that make their presence felt at festivals & gatherings around the world. Speaking with Digital Spy while at Reading Festival, Harley Streten aka Flume explained how he preferred to play for fans of the Rock music genre rather than the EDM genre. Comparing his onstage act on the lines of UK giants Disclosure, he expressed his views whilst comparing the general mentality of fans of both genres.


There’s no festival that caters to my sound, kind of like Disclosure – they can do rock festivals and they can do dirty EDM festivals because there’s no real festival that has that. I feel like we’re doing our own thing and people who like rock music like Flume, people who like dirty EDM also like Flume so it’s a hybrid vibe and that’s the best place to be because you can pick and choose where you wanna play.




Flume is of a legion of new-age producers who hasn’t been bound by the categorization of genres. So, he’s obviously upset that crowds at Festivals expect him to ‘play the same stuff that everyone else plays’. Dissing out on EDM & the commercialization of the genre, Flume confessed he tries to step back from the EDM world because of the lack of open-mindedness of the fans.


I’ve gotta say festivals like [Reading] are playing to people who I want to be playing to, who I feel are better crowds. I try to keep out of the EDM world, I try to keep Flume far from the EDM world. Commercial EDM, the crowd is f**ked up kids basically. They don’t care about the music, they want to hear one or two songs and that’s it. I prefer to play to people who actually give a s**t about the music.


It’s clear the young Australian has had some bad onstage experiences at EDM festivals, but would you agree that fans nowadays have the lost the edge to staying open-minded about their music? Leave your responses below & let us know!


Source: Digital Spy



One response to “Flume Explains Why He Doesn’t Enjoy Playing For “EDM Kids”!

  1. Fans always want to hear the stuff they’ve heard before. Something they can sing out to. They usually like mainstream music.. they shouldn’t be attending live performances of their favourite dj’s when they want to hear the same thing play every time. Flume is a great DJ and should never be classified in the “mainstream EDM” genre.

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