“Before We Were Kings” – A New Documentary On Dance Music, Gives You The Chance To Be Featured On It!



With the Dance Music industry gradually transforming into a mainstream genre, and electronic producers & DJs treating packs of fans thronging clubs & festivals, some can finally admit that, ‘yes..EDM has made it big!’ With the genre making its way, in one form or another, into everyone’s life, sadly, not enough has been understood about the history of Dance Music. While most of the newer crop of listeners are largely unaware of the roots of the genre, dedicated Documentary filmmakers have tried to capture the essence of Dance Music through film. Films like Moog, Electric Daisy Carnival Experience, A Year with Armin Van Buuren, Pump Up The Volume, High Tech Soul all give us a keen insight into various facets & genres of Dance Music and the lives of artists & DJs. And now, Bradon Ross, looks to add his name to this illustrious list through his new Documentary film – Before We Were Kings.




Like every good documentary film, the subject matter for the film is intriguing and a string of experts & professionals give their views & opinions on it. Currently in production, this documentary ask the question; Can DJing be used as a method of Music Therapy? Taking a string of experiences & discussions from experts such as Sandra Collins, Wolfgang Gartner, Sander Kleinenberg, Gina Turner, Robbie Wilde among others, the film explores the concept of DJing as a therapeutic means to cure social anxieties, speech impediments, autism and more. The film, as the title suggests, gives an insight of the trials & tribulations these artists have at a very human level, before we give them mantles of Demi-Gods. What’s more, is that the film makers give you the opportunity to feature on the movie as well! All you have to do is mail them your information and lucky winners will get interviewed in a segment that will feature in the documentary!


You can find out more information about the contest here, and information about the film here. Meanwhile, take a look at the trailer below!


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