Preview: Bali Bandits – Welcome (Dyro Remix)

bali bandits dyro welcome

It’s as if a match lit Dyro’s musical talent aflame and it’s burning brighter than ever! The young Dutch DJ prodigy just released a remix to Bali Bandit’s ‘Welcome’ on his new record label WOLV!

Dyro has come a long way in the electronic music word and his position in the DJ Mag Top !00 DJs poll confirms the same. Coming up with his own record label in such a small time, the man is all set to make a mark in the industry. His remix to ‘Welcome’ will be the second release on the label and boy, is it going to be a nuke! Adding grungy percussions to the already dark themed track only accentuates the haunted vibe the track intends on building and an electro punch is exactly what the original needed to spice things up.

The remix is all set to be released on 22nd September and it’s definitely going to be worth the wait. Until then, give a listen to the preview below!


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