Ultra/Sony Sign Deal With Kygo

kygo Norwegian musician Kyrre Gorvell-Dahll aka Kygo is proof that tropical house is on the tables for the future of electronic music. The 23 year old who has mixed for the likes of Ed Sheeran, Ellie Goulding and Passenger has reportedly signed an exclusive deal with Sony Music/Ultra. With over 80 million plays on his Soundcloud page, Coldplay-approved Kygo is going to be producing original material for release in late 2014. Patrick Moxey, president of EDM, Sony Music Entertainment stated:

We’re delighted to be working with Kygo, who is an extraordinarily talented musician, with unique melodies, he represents the new breed of electronic sound. Kygo’s assembled a a massive group of fans through the internet and we’re excited for the next stage of his growth.

Adam Granite, president, Northern & Eastern Europe and Africa, Sony Music International also expressed his views of the recent deal:

We are incredibly pleased to announce this signing. Kygo is a very talented artist and we look forward to taking his career to the next level as we build upon his strong social following. We are proud he chose to join the Sony Music family and we are very confident in his bright future across the globe.

Kygo has grabbed this opportunity to establish himself as a well-renowned producer and expand his fan base. The bootleg remixer, recognized for adorning with stripped down beats and luxuriating twists some of the greatest tracks in genres outside EDM, Kygo is one of the several pioneers of the ‘topical house’ craze that is speedily taking over the globe. Deep house is taking over, world and Kygo is glad it is!

I’m really excited for the future and working with the teams at Sony and Ultra in developing my music and bringing it to new audiences around the world.

The slow tempos and absent drops are a relief from the cookie cutter structure of other sub-genres of EDM to many. Kygo deserves the support he shall receive by virtue of this deal from Ultra for his upcoming tours in North America and Europe. Head to his  official Soundcloud to get a taste of what he has marked out for the future or stream some of his best tracks below!


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