5 Year Old Obssessed with Daft Punk Gets Day to Remember……. For Life!

A 5 year old, who is obsessed with Daft Punk (Aren’t we all) sure got more than what he wanted when taken to ‘One More Time, a Daft Punk Tribute’ concert recently held in Lawrence, Kansas on 17th August.

After getting in touch with the DJs to sign an autograph for his son, both the father and son were in for a surprise, which was above and beyond what they expected.

After being told they don’t normally sign photographs by his father, the little 5 year old was told to still bring something “just in case”

Not only did ‘Daft Punk’ (well the tributing act at least) sign the little fan’s picture but they also invited him backstage to hang out with their biggest (as well as tiniest) fan in the world!

The picture signed, chosen and brought by the young fan:

Clearly this kid has great taste; Daft Punk and art-wise

Snippets of the show can be seen in the pics below:

Definitely not this kid’s last shoulder ride

That’s got to be Daft Punk, surely?

Looking back at this story we can be sure of a few things:

– The greatest part about being Daft Punk is that you’ll have Daft Punk tributes with their own legion of fans

– True fans come in all ages and sizes

– If Daft Punk doesn’t tour in the future, you still have a great alternative

– ALWAYS remember: EAR PROTECTION (see below)


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