Knife Party – Resistance (Original Mix) [Free Download]

The much awaited new Album from Knife Party!

You’d have to be living under a rock if you don’t already know about one of THE most anticipated albums of the year. The colossal Australian duo we know as Knife Party officially announced their upcoming album, ‘Abandon Ship’, on 8th June with an expected release date of 27th October, this year.

In true KP style, they gradually led to the announcement with a series of tweets, giving away free pre-sets, which reaped the attention of their followers and EDM lovers alike. There is no surprise that news went viral of one of their songs being ‘leaked’ onto the Interwebs. And now, the track ‘Resistance‘ has been made available for free download shortly after the leak and fans have got a taste of what to expect in the upcoming album.

Resistance‘ opens with a rhythmic kick and bass mixed with an echoed vocal. Of course they waste no time in introducing their signature Electro-heavy bass and synth (15 seconds into the song), gradually entering the build-up, which has a similar structure and backbone as their previous super smash hit ‘Power Glove‘. See for yourselves by jumping to 1:02 (and onward) in ‘Power Glove’ & 1:04 (and onward) in ‘Resistance’ , below:

Power Glove


What Knife Party fans will be delighted with is the heavy drop of Electro Drum N Bass and intense synths that makes this song. Sure, some may argue that it’s the same generic vibe likened to previous Knife Party songs, but isn’t that what they’re famous for anyway? Add background sirens similar to ‘EDM Death Machine’ in the fade out of the drop and you’ve got all that is ‘Resistance‘. Overall, definitely give it a hear if you haven’t already BUT knowing the wonderful beats that Knife Party are capable of throwing our way, we can hope that the remaining songs are nothing short of spectacular.



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