Watch This: Eric Prydz 3.0 (Official Trailer)

September 27th, 2014, a date earmarked by Eric Prydz loyalists world over. In the first of its kind, a once in a life-time experience, the talismanic producer we all lovingly know as ‘Pryda’, ‘Eric Prydz’ or simply ‘Prydz’, will be performing live in New York’s Madison Square Gardens (MSG) with the World’s largest HOLO on display! Whether one is lucky enough to be attending the show or not, this show is definitely one to create history [not only for its HOLO but also because Prydz has promised to play a 3 hour live set with no pre-synch’s or ‘push play’ antics].

If that wasn’t enough to whet your appetite, Prydz has promised to do an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit at 3pm (PST) on 10th September (Earmark this too!). And as if we weren’t anxious (or saddened ~ depending on whether you’re attending the show or not) enough the Swedish ‘God’ has released an official trailer for his PR(10)DA show, which can be enjoyed below:

A few EPIC 3.0 facts you may or may not know:

– EPIC 3.0 promises all the sights, sounds, and immersive holographic goodness of EPIC 2.0, only bigger – much bigger

– It will also feature the largest-ever indoor hologram [HD 5750 x 1080 pixels ~ THAT’S RIGHT!]

– The show will utilize brand new technology, a completely denoted LED Stage Design, over 2 hours of completely original animation will be prepared for EPIC 3.0 along with the essential Prydz originals, edits and remixes

Having accomplished uncountable feats (winner of the BBC essential mix of the year, 2 Grammy nominations, Headlining Ultra Music Festival (UMF), EDC & HARD, Closing Coachella, produced the 1st ever DJ Mix for Rolling Stones magazine – to name all but a few) , the Super-Swede is sure to create history once again with easily THE MOST AWAITED SHOW in recent times!

Take a bow you legend! Take. A. Bow!


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