Carl Cox Speaks Out About Upcoming Collab. With Nile Rodgers, Ibiza And More!


Three Deck Wizard‘, Carl Cox is a phenomenal DJ and that description too seems bleak for a man of his stature. In an interview with Mixmag the EDM savant opened up about future productions, his opinion of EDM enthusiasts and performing. Recognized during the rise of acid, the British DJ revealed:

I’m concentrating on doing remixes for smaller artists and record labels. I’ve also got another project that I’m doing with Nile Rodgers. We worked on a techno track when he brought Chic to Australia earlier this year. That’s my ambition: to get Nile Rodgers playing techno events!

Opening up about his apprehension of digital music rendering a lot of music obsolete, he goes on to appreciate the rising sophistication of American EDM crowds. But the successful, world-famous DJ too has had his lows:

About 15 years ago I thought I’d seen and done it all: I’d travelled the world, met loads of people, had success in the charts. How much further could I go? I was playing in Liverpool and Manchester one weekend and I said this to a fellow DJ and they looked at me like I was an alien and said, “What are you on about?” Another time – and I don’t like to speak about this often, but you asked the question – was in Venezuela around 2000 when four people got shot at one of my shows. Two of them died, and I just thought, ‘I don’t want people to come to my shows and have this situation.’ Obviously there were other factors at play, but still. It was hard for a while, as every time I looked at the dancefloor I could see it in my head. It was very distressing, but music helped me get through it.

With an Ibiza night, Revolution at Space that is looked forward to by the island, Cox is in great demand across the globe as a touring DJ. From his clubbing preferences to a Vegas residency, you can read the whole interview here.


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