Dash Berlin, 3Lau & Bright Lights – Somehow (Original Mix)



What happens when you combine one of the biggest names in Trance music, an upcoming progressive & electro house stalwart and one of the most enchanting vocalists around? You get magic! Trance champion Dash Berlin collaborates with Justin Lau aka 3Lau and Heather Bright aka Bright Lights to craft a pure festival masterpiece in the guise of ‘Somehow‘! The track features elements from three distinct musical styles, as it combines the eclectic electro house drumloops, euphoric Trance synths and a pop infused vocal serenade to form a original masterpiece.


Dash Berlin, who’s never shy from experimentation, ventures a safe distance away from Trance, as he brings his masterclass to 3Lau‘s enthusiastic production work. Heather Lights‘ alluring vocal work, tends to make the tracks angelic at many junctions, but it’s Berlin‘s euphoric piano chords & 3Lau‘s charging synth breaks that make this track a pumping anthem for the ongoing festival season! Check out the preview below and be sure to grab your copy of the track here!



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