Laidback Luke hits back at critics over Bae in interview!

Laidback Luke recently sat down with for an interview right before his set at Electric Zoo 2014, and discussed a wide array of things, ranging from his latest single ‘Bae‘ to his plans for Super You & Me. Talking about his inspiration for ‘Bae‘, he said,

It’s very interesting; I’ve heard some haters say it sounds like Boneless. And the funny thing is, I never had Boneless in mind when I was making it, so my true inspiration is Breach- Jack. So the voice of Jack always reminded me of Gina’s voice. Apparently Gina and Breach are friends and we think that he tried to mimic Gina’s voice and it’s actually him doing her voice on that track. It got me thinking, but I have Gina’s voice on a daily basis, so why not use her voice? So I made this Tchami-style instrumental and I was like, “I want a Jack type of vocal on this- can you do that for me?” And there it was.

He also revealed that he’s been a father before, for 13 years from his previous marriage.

Most people don’t know is I’ve been a father for 13 years. I have two sons from a previous marriage; they’re aged 13 and 11, and you know, I’ve been doing my thing ever since and so nothing’s changed. Actually because my wife Gina Turner is a Dj as well it really combines well. Our careers match in that sense so she really knows that I need to do what I need to do.

He further reflected back on the days when he started out into dance music, when he just a fan and how he’s come so far.

You might have seen this picture going around of me as a young raver. I was actually a raver first. A friend of mine showed me how to make this type of music on a computer, and before this, I come from a musical family and everyone was actually really good at playing an instrument…except for me… so when I found out I could make music with a computer, I was sold. I always had this music in my head trapped inside of there and thanks to the computer I could finally start making it. When I first saw it, I knew I wanted to do it for the rest of my life.”

Talking about his concept of Super You & Me going places, he said “We just did Creamfields in the UK- so it’s global. Tomorrowland. We’re doing Tomorrowworld again, as well. So a lot of stuff – it’s always fun to bring the Djs I like and have them dress up as silly super heroes. It’s so fun!

Source: YourEDM


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