Dirty South Reveals Two Tracks From Upcoming Album


Two new tracks, Tunnel Vision and With You are at your fingertips now. Dirty South‘s upcoming album, With You seems to have created quite a buzz, and for the right reasons. After releasing a short film trailer to accompany the title trackDirty South had us on our feet. Beautiful, haunting vocals and a brilliant build-up in collaboration with FMLYBND has fans hitting replay several times. The track helps us feel infinite and immortal for a short span of time as a consequence of its strength. Track after track is released with drops and bass and whatnot but With You is set apart by its psychedelic celestial feel. A beautiful ballad, this track will make you shut your eyes in an attempt to escape to a calm, beautiful and problem-free place in your head. This track is no less than magic and is meant for all indie-EDM lovers and the buildup leads to a moment of complete freedom.



Tunnel Vision, on the other hand previewed on SiriusXM BPM. This deep, dark track takes you on an odyssey through what would be a dull, dark day of brooding. Featuring SomeKindaWonderful, the vocal overlay and originality of this track will catch your attention. You can stream the two tracks below, pre-order the album or just wait in anticipation till November.


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