Watch This: Tomorrowland Releases 2014 Official After-Movie


The mecca of festival goers and the holy grail of all EDM festivals, Tomorrowland 2014 was just everything one expected and more. This year, it doubled up and allowed more people to witness this intergalactic bliss. The ground production of this beauty, is unparalleled. Fireworks go swinging just at the right moment, timed perfectly to get your heart racing! The fact that the world of Tomorrowland is a magical place cannot be put in words. Apart from showcasing the heavyweights of electronic dance music, the festival is an ineffable experience. People from all over the world find their way to Belgium just to witness this. You have to see it, to know it.

And that’s why we are super thrilled about the Tomorrowland aftermovie which they dedicated to People of Tomorrow. It got published on Youtube today. And we suggest you don’t waste any more time.

Check it out right now!



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