Orjan Nilsen – The Drop [EP]

Orjan Nilsen - The Drop [EP]

The fact about Orjan Nilsen that he’s been tremendously diverse with his sounds stays well accepted even today. Since the time the Norwegian trance and progressive dj/producer launched his label ‘In My Opinion‘, we’ve seen him experiment with unique styles and fuse some profound elements into his masterpieces and one would never take the change for wrong.

His new EP ‘The Drop’ sets another huge example of him taking a dig at the tools of the trade. Containing three new songs namely ‘Carioca’, ‘Ripasso’, and ‘This Traktor‘, it is undoubtedly no joke sonically. On top, in the EP is ‘Ripasso’ whose hard and punchy bassline will rip-off any dance floor. The anthemic surreal piano riff that comes in right after that, is what this track is all about.

Carioca’ is another banger which begins with a melodic tune and forms into an electro-like drop clearly showcasing Orjan’s focus on making quality stuff out of a fusion of different styles. The third and last in the EP is ‘This Traktor’, which is no less than the formers and in-fact reminds us of Nilsen’s sounds from a few years back. It is stiff and energetic enough, loaded with passion and a big crossover theme that will make crowds throw their hands up in the air.

Purchase: Beatport


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