Preview: London Grammar – If You Wait (Riva Starr Remix)


London trio London Grammar are gradually developing a penchant for producing some soulful-remix worthy singles. And adding his name to the list of ever growing delightful string of remixes of the alluring artists, is British legend Riva Starr. When Starr adds his visionary appeal to the magical tune of London Grammar‘s title track from their new album ‘If You Wait‘, we get a taste of one the emotionally resonant deep tunes of the season!

Keeping the original vocals from the trio sacrosanct, Starr gradually infuses his own array of elements of bass and groove that only accentuate the alluring nature of the original. Beautiful melodies and caressing tunes, make the breakdown and lift-up perhaps one of the most enchanting combinations for the season. The song has just been in a preview stage and we’re waiting to hear about any release dates. Till then, keep this preview here on repeat!


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