Watch This: Rave While You Ride The London Subway

party1What’s the most conventional use of a subway in London? Travelling mostly, right? What if I told you that some people are using the subway as their private nightclub? You probably won’t believe me. Even I wouldn’t, if I were you. But apparently it’s happening.

Tube riders on the Northern Line in the London subway were in for a surprise, when they saw that one of the coaches was turned into a intimate nightclub, complete with a bouncer, promoter and a DJ playing from an iPod. The security was tight too, and there was a strict “no drug” policy. The “club” had a “one in, one out” policy and you could only make it inside if your name was on the guestlist.

Check out this video uploaded on YouTube showing the whole thing. Pretty sure this was just done for the sake of fun.

P.S. – If you stay in India, do not try this, especially in Delhi or Mumbai, unless you want find yourself behind the bars.


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