Preview: Wolfgang Gartner – Unholy Feat. Bobby Saint

Preview: Wolfgang Gartener - Unholy Feat. The American DJ and Producer Wolfgang Gartner has expressed serious disappointment with the big room scene. He previewed his single “Unholy” from a yet to be released, untitled album on 16th September. Along with the preview, he posted a passionate statement on Facebook concluding with, “To be safe is to be like everything else out there.” He started working on the album in 2013, and has chosen to diverge onto a newer style of production.

Gartner, in his Facebook introduction to the track also underlined how EDM has come to be represented by “giant kick drums, big snare buildups with a predictable catch-phrase at the end, leading into a “drop” with a percussive, almost metallic rave melody”.
The creative freedom expressed viz-a-viz “Unholy” definitely sets Gartner apart from a bulk of artists, and seems like a passionate expression of nonconformity on his part.

The track is refreshing and leaves us in anticipation of what Gartner has in store for us. Take a look at this interesting preview:



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