Preview: W&W – Bigfoot (Dillon Francis Remix)

Preview: W&W – Bigfoot (Dillon Francis Remix)W & W‘s crazy banger “Bigfoot” gets a trap do-over by Dillon Francis, who has been dropping a few such wicked mixes this year. Armada‘s Mainstage Music whipped up a preview of the track, as part of W & W‘s podcast. There is no word on the release date but they’ve definitely set their fans ablaze with this surprise.  The original track deriving it’s nomenclature from the Yeti Snowman, was indeed a monstrous score. It sky rocketed on the Beatport charts straight out to the number one position, and made quite a lot of noise ever since its release.

Dillon Francis is no less than the yoda of remixes; and he’s taken this amazing big room progressive house track and flipped the tempo, warping the track into an insane trap number. Francis has reaffirmed his genius with the sick trap kicks, grainy sample cuts which make this rework just the track that will make fans groove and dribble.

While we all anticipate the release, we can make do with the preview. Here’s a little groove for the day, take a listen:



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