Splice Enters Public BETA With New DNA Player

Anyone heard of Dropbox? Then you know how useful it is to work on the cloud and avoid manual transfer of files. Now imagine Dropbox BUT for producing music! Music collaborations require artists to constantly share their ideas back and forth with each other, but given their hectic touring schedules, it gets annoying to always transfer files manually. Well… not anymore.

SPLICE, started by GroupMe founder Steve Martocci, has been building on the foundation of easing the trouble of musicians/producers to share their files with one another by enabling them to work on it on the cloud with this Dropbox-esque service. SPLICE was initiated in October 2013 and had been in a ‘private/invite only’ beta for over 10-months, but is now available to all and any producer.

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 10.46.39 amSPLICE has announced a cool new feature to their website: The DNA Player; now that does sound cool. The DNA Player allows people to see the complete track structure along with artist annotations and solo channels during playback within the browser, making it a ‘read-only’ version of the project file to the public. This feature will be launched with an exclusive first-look at Henry Fong & J-Trick’s hit ‘Scream (Original Mix)’, which can be previewed here. The official launch is set for 22nd of this month and you can be rest assured that this feature will help aspiring producers learn in-depth on track structures.

SPLICE sure has caught the eye as the next big thing in music innovation, especially for producers. EDM behemoths Tiesto & Steve Angello, along with American talent manager Scooter Braun, have already provided a funding of $4.5million towards this startup. What’s more is that SPLICE is compatible with FL Studio, Ableton & Logic X making it a must have for any and all aspiring Electronic Dance Music producers and students world over.

Take our word for it and SIGN UP FOR SPLICE.


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