Armin van Buuren Needs Your Help In Selecting The Tracks For His Next Album ‘Top Armin Anthems’!

Artwork Voting

For more than two decades, Dutch legend Armin Van Buuren has been cited with many titles. Those of formally, such as the Officer of the Order of Orange Nassau, and those informally, such as the ‘God of Trance‘, all through his services towards Dance music. Having conquered the airwaves since 2001 since his revolutionary A State Of Trance radio show, Armin has crossed pinnacle after pinnacle, scaled peak after peak, setting benchmarks wherever he goes. And now marking his 20th anniversary as a coveted Trance producer & DJ, he requires the help of his legion of fans and avid followers, to help him pick out a definitive list of Armin’s Top Tracks to become part of the soon to be released ‘Armin Anthems‘!


As Armin’s first fan-voted album, this album will piece together history for the Dutch Trance legend, as he opens up the nominations for all his productions from the chart topping ‘This is what it feels like‘ all the way back to 1996 with his first ever production ‘Blue Fear‘! The album is slated to come out end of this year and will fit 20 songs, as selected by his thousands of fans all across the globe. You, as a fan, are required to select 5!


The voting for this poll is now open and will conclude on the 2nd of October! So hurry! We suggest you get down to it immediately and vote for your Top 5 Armin tracks here! While you decide on the ominous task of selecting your Top 5, take a look at this short video mix of Armin’s yesteryear tracks! Doesn’t contain the likes of ‘This is what it feels like’, ‘Save my night’ or ‘Intense‘, but should definitely provoke you to dig deeper into his portfolio of gems!


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