Preview: Nicky Romero & Vicetone ft. When We Are Wild – Let Me Feel (Original Mix)

let me feel

If some one can instill soul into progressive house, Nicky Romero and Victone are your guys! The DJs came together to preview their fresh new single called ‘Let Me Feel’ , featuring vocals by When We Are Wild, which will touch your heart and make you want to dance all at the same time.

‘Let Me Feel’ is definitely one of those tracks that earns Vicetone and Nicky Romero a pat on the back for its creation. Whatever little the preview reveals, hints at this track going viral with the fans for sure. Its smooth as silk melody progresses with pleasant percussions to explode into a drop like shooting canons. However, keeping aside the brilliant instrumental work, it’s the vocals of this track that really take the cake.

‘Let Me feel’ will hit the market on October 6 via Nicky Romero’s very own Protocol Recordings but till then, you can enjoy the preview below!


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