Steve Aoki Teams Up With Scion To Launch Interactive Video Series


The Dim Mak premier, Steve Aoki just partnered up with innovative car manufacturer ‘Scion’ to promote their new FR –S 1.0 model by launching an interactive video series allowing viewers to get a scoop into the DJs life up close and personal!

Scion x Aoki Driven’ will allow the viewers to immerse in Aoki’s life from the beginning of the day till the very end, giving them a taste of his exhilarating lifestyle. The viewer will help Steve choose between an FR-S RS 1.0 or the Steve Aoki FR-S project car to commence the ride. They will then be given two options, each taking the viewer on a different journey. There’s a lot that this series has in store for us including the documentary of Aoki skateboarding with Riley Hawk, a behind the scenes look at a Steve Aoki music video shoot or his recording studio, drifting in the FR-S RS 1.0 with Ryan Tuerck, an interview with recording artist Borgore, a surprise visit to the Scratch Academy and lots more!

Watch the trailer below to catch a glimpse of what’s to come ahead!


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