Tritonal – Metamorphic III EP

After releasing the final track on their latest EP Metamorphic III, Tritonal have finally released the third and final chapter of their musical journey that saw them release two EP’s before.
The EP, that features three tracks, culminates into a magnificent yet emotive effort that shows how far the Texan DJ/producer duo have come.

Anchor (Original Mix)
This track has Tritonal written all over it, with a very melodic, upbeat vibe to it, complete with some nicely laid down female vocals and infectious synth hooks that soar up together to make for a progressive, big room sound that Tritonians have come to love.


Satellite (Extended Mix) feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn
The second track on the EP, it features vocals by the always impressive Jonathan Mendelsohn. Starting off with a percussive line, with the synths and Jonathan Mendelsohn‘s vocals kicking in later, the track progresses into a soaring breakdown, which makes for a perfect addition for a mainstage set at a festival, or an aftermovie.


Seraphic (Original Mix) feat. Mr. FijiWiji
Tritonal leave the best for the last. Collaborating with young Pittsburgh producer Mr. FijiWiji, the duo take a new path and create a hauntingly beautiful ambient. glitch track, something that BT would be proud of. Featuring subdued dubstep elements, layered with the ambient overtones, this track is definitely one of Tritonal‘s best productions till date, taking us back to their trance days.

The EP is out now on Enhanced Recordings, and you can buy it from here.


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