Watch This: Skrillex Creates New Track In A Taxi

Being a DJ is a rather strenuous job. Touring extensively around the globe, with long flight schedules, a lot of DJ’s/producers try to get some of their producing done on the plane itself (3LAU recently showed us that with his 15 drops in 30 seconds).
However, Skrillex is one producer who likes to set himself apart from the others. Recently, while travelling in a taxi last week, Skrillex got a whiff of inspiration that led him to complete a new track in the back of the taxi. In a short video he uploaded on Instagram, the video shows him testing out a new track which has a very reggae infused vibe, with what sounded like Arabic inspired vocals.
There’s no idea what this track will culminate into or how big it will be. We can only speculate. But till then, check out the video here.

Mixing a record in the cab with the dopest cab driver

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