Now Create Your Own Track With The ‘Super Looper’ App!

Have you ever wanted to create your own tunes but just couldn’t get to it because the equipment was too expensive and the software was too heavy. There is hope for you after all! A new application, named Super Looper, allows you to record short loops with each of the eight layers, and combine them to produce seamless looping tracks.
An official description of the application describes it as ‘a cool and fun music making app, shaped by the sounds of the ‘80s, bringing retro electronic music composition to the desktop and iPad.’ The application contains sounds from analogue synthesizers and drum machines such as Moog, Roland, Yamaha and ARP, allowing everyone from amateurs to professionals to try their hands at composing.
While it is a super fun concept aimed at providing users with a unique way of trying out their hands at production, it obviously doesn’t match up to the quality that equipment and professional software provides you. You can check out the application by clicking here, or by downloading it on the App Store on your iOS device.


Piece of advice: The application is better suited for touch screen devices, so larger tablets would be better suited to try out the application.


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