Interview with World’s No.1 DJ Hardwell!


As such a gargantuan personality on the dance music circuit, Robert van de Corput, or Hardwell as we all know him, literally needs no introduction. Within a short span of time, this phenomenal dutch DJ has risen in ranks to be one of the most widely recognised and sought after DJ in the world. From playing at every massive festival all over the wold, to scores and scores of sold out concerts in every major city, it’s easy to see why this DJ from Breda, Netherlands, has such a massive worldwide following.

As part of our #TomorrowlandRewind series, we had the immense pleasure of catching up with him, before his massively outstanding Tomorrowland set, as he tells us about his upcoming album, his I Am Hardwell tour and much more.  So here it is,  in conversation with World No.1 DJ, Hardwell, right before his highly anticipated #IAmHardwell gig in Delhi!


TBB: We are here with world’s no.1 DJ, Hardwell. Hows it going?
Hardwell: All good how are you?

TBB: We’re really good. It’s bright and sunny today are you excited?
Hardwell: I’m really excited, well I had performed last week, last week was amazing so I can’t wait to perform this weekend as well.

TBB: Well this past one year for you has been pretty crazy from being no. 1 on DJ Mag, to doing a world tour, what can we expect from the year ahead?
Hardwell: We will continue doing the I Am Hardwell shows worldwide, America is round the corner, and Australia. So, its gonna be really big, I’m working on my artist album, my first artist album is coming after the summer. Besides that I will continue touring all around the world.


TBB: Tell us more about your album, you recently said you are in the studio, making it producing it, how much of it is completed and when can we start hearing the first few tracks.
Hardwell: Well today you will start hearing the first few tracks, because I’m gonna premier two tracks today. Besides that I think the album would be finished after the summer it’s going really well now, I think I am 70 percent done and everything is well coming together now, so I hope to release after the summer.

TBB: To celebrate your no. 1 DJ Mag, we heard that you jumped off the plane and we also saw the video, how was the experience?
Hardwell: It was the craziest experience I’d ever done in my life. Definitely, I was so scared jumping off that plane. I think that was the funny part of it, you know, I was so scared of sky diving, and while my friends could actually convince me to do it. I’m really happy I actually did it cause it was a really great experience.

TBB: And what can we expect if you do get DJ Mag number 1 again?
Hardwell: I don’t know if I am, that’s up to the people.


TBB: Will you travel to the moon?
Hardwell: Maybe, maybe that’s a great Idea, I don’t know. That’s why I dare people to vote for me, if I’m becoming number 1 again, I’m gonna do something crazy again even crazier.

TBB: Tell us about Revealed Recordings, and the year that’s been and the year that you’re looking forward to for Revealed, and for all the tracks and the artists you are gonna be signing?
Hardwell:Yeah, Revealed’s doing really well. Actually, within only 4 years, we became one of the best selling dance labels in the world. And at this point, we are the label that supporting new talents, I think Dyro and Dannic are the perfect examples of that. Besides that Joey Dale, who I recently collaborated with on Arcadia, Julian Calor, Kill the Buzz all these new names are doing really well. And for the future plans we are definitely going to sign more talents, while making the label even bigger.

TBB: We know that you sort of fancy a lot of artists from your own home town of Breda, do you also want more talents coming out of other countries possibly India, and other lesser known developing economies?
Hardwell:Ya, definitely. It’s not only Breda. For example like Paris and Simo are guys on the label from Canada, Domino is from Canada and 3LAU who is doing really well on the label, he’s from America. We are not like location based, or country based for Revealed we are open for every single country. And especially of course, for India, I would love to do, and produce from India.


TBB: So we know you have a special bond with India, you’ve traveled there so many times, you’ve visited us more than 3 – 4 times, which is more than any other DJ as such to a country like India and we know that you’re coming again. So, are you excited about the tour and what are your thoughts over the years for India, as the fan following and just energy and the vibe that you receive?
Hardwell: It’s seriously one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. Specially the fan experience, I love India. Seriously, the crowd is so dedicated, they know every song that I play. That’s why I am coming back again, I just love to be in India. I can’t wait to party again in India.

TBB: So a final round up, what’s next for Hardwell in 2014?
Hardwell: Well, of course Tomorrowland today and then all the folks just going through the artist cell.



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