Coachella and Firefly Music Festival come together for a joint venture

Cochella Weekend Two
US’ most successful festival producer Goldenvoice has teamed up with Red Frog, the company behind the fastest growing festival in the States to promote and produce Firefly Music Festival.

Goldenvoice, who are the creators of Coachella, are one of the biggest festival powerhouses in the US, with Coachella often being listed as one of the biggest festivals in the world having more than $67.2 million gross and 180,000 tickets sold over two weekends in 2014. Though there haven’t been many details divulged, the partnership will see Goldenvoice invest in Firefly‘s festival infrastructure.

Goldnvoice’s CEO Paul Tolett said “Red Frog will still operate Firefly, because that’s what they’re best at, and we will assist in any way we can, such as helping access talent, sponsorships, and any tricks that we’ve learned along the way to help a festival get to the next level.

More than 100 acts are supposed to be playing at Firefly this year, including Foo Fighters, Imagine Dragons, Jack Johnson and Outkast.

Paul Tolett, Joe Reynolds, founder of Red Frog Events, and Greg Bostrom, director of Firefly, were all quick to dampen down rumours of Firefly becoming an “East-Coast Coachella“. “We do different types of festivals,” says Tollett. “Stagecoach, FYF and New Orleans Jazz Festival all have their own personalities, and we don’t want to water anything down. Every festival has to have its unique outlook, decision-making, how it’s run. Speaking for Coachella, I like to run it a certain way, and I know Firefly has their attitude on how they want to run their thing, and I would never want to change that.

Source: Billboard


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