Preview: 2Pac – Changes (Vijay & Sofia Zlatko, Kasùal Remix) [Free Download]

2pac changes

Resurrected or not, 2pac, where ever he maybe today sure wouldn’t be disappointed by the new life that has been breathed into his music by the Belgian duo Vijay & Sofia Zlatko in collaboration with friend & Dj, Kasual.

If you’re a 2pac fan and have a taste for nu-Disco, you’ll be so glad to have run into this remix because it’s just that good! 2Pac’s legendary single ‘Changes’ just received an unimaginably creative remix that is oozing with chill, disco vibes. This track is a perfect amalgamation of genres so different in their souls.

The best part about the track, apart from the remix itself is the fact that it’s been put up for free download by Vijay & Sofia Zlatko as a token of gratitude for their fans. This remix will hopefully turn a lot more people into their fans as well. Give it a listen below to judge for yourself and get the free download too!


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