Shailendra Singh & ADE Partner To Give One Lucky Applicant The Opportunity To Work At The Amsterdam Music Event !



Enthusiastic and budding youngsters looking to make a break into the EDM industry, here’s a Golden opportunity for you! Joint Managing Director of Percept and Inceptor of Sunburn, Shailendra Singh, who had made an exceptional engagement with the Amsterdam Music Event (ADE) last year, has promised to take the partnership to whole new levels for the 2014 edition. And this year, Shailendra Singh will select and send one Indian citizen to Amsterdam to intern with ADE in the two weeks before the conference! The lucky intern will work side by side with the Dutch team, organizing, preparing and problem solving for ADE 2014 – a once in a lifetime learning experience!


For those of you needing an introduction, The Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) is the leading electronic music platform and the biggest club festival in the world for the whole spectrum of electronic sub-genres. Usually held in mid-October, the city of Amsterdam is thronged by nearly 2000 artists who discuss and celebrate Dance Music over the course of 5 intensive days. This opportunity for an internship in participating in the biggest dance music platform, is certainly a matter of national pride! After the internship, the intern will then get on to attend the three-day University Program at ADE, and learn from the world’s best industry professionals and artists who will eagerly share their passion, experiences and knowledge. Here’s what Shailendra Singh had to say about the oppotunity.


This internship is a once in a lifetime opportunity for a young Indian to witness the behind the scenes madness and mayhem of the world’s most important Dance Music Event: ADE. I can’t even explain how much they will experience, learn and feel. And the people they will meet – Wow! So excited that we could partner with ADE on this exchange.


To find the ideal candidate for the internship, Shailendra Singh is running a contest across his digital platforms on Facebook  & Twitter . The contest hashtag is ‘#WorkatADE‘ and should be marked to @shailendraS7.


The Rules are Simple:

  1. Candidate must upload a video of himself or herself, explaining their big idea to take dance music to the next level in India.
  2. Make sure to use #WorkatADE in the post
  3. Best entries will be shortlisted for a final round of selection.
  4. Winners to be announced!

Note that

The winner should be ready to report to ADE Amsterdam on Oct 1, 2014.

Candidate must be able to obtain a valid visa.

Candidate must be an Indian nationals and living in India.

Shailendra Singh and ADE are covering the costs of the winner’s flight ticket, hotel and University program fee. The winner must cover all spending – food, transport, and extras – while in Amsterdam.


Submissions close on the 28th of September, so that the applicant has time for visa and logistics’ work. So we suggest you’ll better hurry with your applications!



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