Flume discusses his upcoming album and its innovative material!

Flume discusses his upcoming album and its innovative material!

One of our favourite producers from down under, Australian producer Flume’s upcoming album is eagerly awaited by a whole lotta fans around the world. If you’ve wondered (just like us) about how the album’s progressing, we’ve finally got a few questions answered! Flume recently sat down with triple j to talk about his this anticipated album is coming along.

Unsurprisingly, Flume has made up his mind to look in interesting places for samples to use in his tracks. When we say interesting, cartoon sound effects, and things like ice cracking are being seriously tried and tested out.

I’ve got a bunch of stuff down and it’s super exciting because I think it’s really strong

Although Flume mentioned the material’s arriving real soon, we still have no fixed date for release.

From a sonic standpoint the new stuff sounds so much bigger. Every sound has its place, I feel like the first record was really finding my feet, figuring out what music I wanted to make… Now that I’ve done that I feel like I’ve got a much clearer idea of what I want to sound like and what I want to discover. It’s exciting

We’re wishing Flume the very best with his album endeavours, and we can’t wait to hear his next big tune!



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