Gig Alert: Sabrina Terence at Kitty Su, Delhi


Already as a teenager Sabrina Terence discovered her passion for dance music. The legendary raves in the nineties and numerous club-events had an enormous impact on her. In the same days, young Sabrina started a very successful career as a model. This thrilling occupation brought her all around the world. Dance music remained a part of her life ever since. No matter whether she had a photo-shoot in Cape-Town or Dubai, it was electronic dance-music which was played in the bars and clubs where the fancy people go.

It was back in 2006 when Sabrina started as a DJ for herself: “As a model you spend much time in the areoplane. You better have some good music with you.” On her laptop Sabrina made her own mixes to have some good music for traveling. On a private party a good friend of Sabrina listened to it by chance. He was so impressed by her skills that he encouraged her to turn the tables professionally: “You’ve got the global flavour. You combine the coolness of model-business with the vibrant spirit of electronic dance-music.”

Concerning her music-style Sabrina points out: “Of course, my sound is in between progressive- and electro-house. But other styles like Tech-Trance and Uplifting influence my sets too.” But after all, Sabrina says, it all comes back to this: “I just love electronic dance-music which moves and cheers the people up all around the world. The main thing is to have an interaction with the people and to give them a good time.”

Catch Sabrina Terence at Kitty Su, Delhi!

Event Details:

Date: Friday, 26th September

Venue: Kitty Su, Delhi.

For more info, follow Kitty Su


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