The Top 5 Destinations In the Axwell/\Ingrosso Journey

axwell_ingrossoAxwell and Ingrosso are names that do not need an introduction. They’ve been creators of tracks that entwine an eternity of fame within them. Earlier this year, the two came together to tease their fans with new music from their upcoming album on BBC Radio 1 show hosted by Zane Lowe. The slate was clean, and a new beginning hereon for the duo was to be marked under the moniker Axwell/\Ingrosso.

1. Governor’s Ball, New York

The remnants of Swedish House Mafia’s one last tour had not settled yet in the subconscious of the dance music scene, when Axwell and Ingrosso were to please their fans by announcing the duo’s conjoined appearance at Governor’s Ball, New York. First time ever, outside the banner of SHM, these two were to spin off a high octane, reload of memories and an effort to make anew an identity erstwhile attached to a collaboration that will forever be remembered. No one can forget penultimate numbers like ‘Sun is Shining’; hidden in the mix of Daft Punk, and old favorites like ‘One’ and ‘Greyhound’. The exciting new chapter of the duo’s life was inaugurated with mind blowing music, enchanting LED visuals and not to forget the blasting pyros and fireworks.

2. Electric Daisy Carnival, Las Vegas

This tag team soon ushered in, a wave of adrenaline pumping, heart racing tracks at the Electric Daisy Carnival. The Las Vegas show was to receive a few shockers; after all Axwell/\Ingrosso were not going to sound the same as SHM. They gave the anthemic favorites from their yesteryears a delightful twist along with crowd pleasers like ‘Don’t You Worry Child’ and ‘Save The World’.

3.  Ushuaia, Ibiza

The destination that has been revisited a few times over by the two, is Ibiza. The dynamic twosome was here to literally ‘Tear the Roof Up’. Their residency at Ibiza, was to subjectively create a new media experience which cemented music with visually immersive experience. This weekly gig packed a heavy wagon, consisting of close friends like Zedd, Alesso, Otto Knows and Dirty South.They got raving with the track ‘This Time We Can’t Go Home’ to be followed in by the SHM classic ‘We Come We Rave We Love’. The closing party at Ibiza, was another story altogether. Ushuaia was to bid adieu to the two, with nymph like gymnasts, hot air balloons more pyrotechnics electrifying the audiences to the mood of this acidic carnival.

4. V Festival, England

In August, the Swedes burned the house down at the V Festival. Not working within figurative connotations, here. Their set did catch a little fire but the audiences saved the pair, and the show went on. People kept their ears wide open for some more new numbers, sampled in between old favorites yet again. Tunes like ‘Center Of The Universe’, Axwell’s ‘In My Mind’ remix and Mafia favourite ‘Leave The World Behind’ were to only incite excitement over new music like ‘Can’t Hold Us Down’ and ‘On My Way’.

5.Creamfields, England

Soon after, the same month, Axwell/\Ingrosso, hit Creamfields. The Departures tent was definitely in for some surprises. Consistently pleasing the crowd, with more than music, the LED was to visualize birds that flew off and dropped as tissue paper figurines over the audiences. The set was yet again, a heart warming mix of old and new, and was braced by impromptu sit downs for the drop, by the much adorned duo. The sea of fans, were in synch like waves and the DJs didn’t fear throwing in some mainstream music to their delight.

Mumbai and Bengaluru should buckle up for one hell of a ride. This video diary should make you anticipate a most intensely unique, and electrifying experience. Here’s to India being a happy addition and a new chapter in Axwell/\Ingrosso’s beginnings.


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