Tracing The Success Stories To Have Emerged From Pyramind

San-Francisco based Training institute Pyramind has provided the music fraternity with some of the most budding recruits in recent years. Having talent is one thing, but to hone those skills and develop them into something truly spectacular is an art in itself, and a true gurukul can not only enhance one’s talent but help elevate them to unimaginable heights! Such are the qualities that Alumni from the Pyramind Training fraternity can boast off, as we take a closer look at a few success stories from one of the premier music institutes of the world.

Take for instance Italian music maker Giorgio Blosi. Having been an International Student, he completed his Core & DSP Programs from the institute before taking up music production and live performance upon his graduation. He cites that the instructors and colleagues at the institute pushed him to step outside his comfort zone and experiment with his sound – a feature his productions are invariably renowned for now. Knowing competition is tough, Blosi began his quest for excellence while he was a budding talent only to find himself become one of the rising names in the industry a few years later.

One of the biggest challenge for me was being able to step outside of my comfort zone and build relationships with my instructors and classmates to get the feedback I needed to take my music to the next level. I quickly learned not to be afraid of taking constructive criticism of my work. I learned how to be selfless when evaluating my work with outside input. That has been instrumental in taking my production to a professional level.
The other challenge that is always a work in progress is knowing how to maintain a balance between using my time to create content and getting out in the world in an effort to build relationships and network. Coming here made me realize that there are a lot of very talented and smart people that I am competing against, as well as collaborating with, I had to learn how to live up to my own expectations and understand that I had to be the ultimate package. Beyond talent, you have to be humble, pressure-proof, a good team player as well as a leader and above all else, be able to deliver.


Another example is of Alex Blue and Jay Wiltzen, who met while attending Pyramind in 2010. They later formed the collaborative project BLU J using the Folk / Singer-songwriter background of Jay Wiltzen and electronic music & production skills of Alex Blue. They cite the diverse culture within the institute among students and faculty that pushed their envelope to experiment.

More than anything, we were very lucky in coming when we did. We were a part of an incredibly awesome group of students who cared and established a community with one another beyond what Pyramind itself had already established. Even though the program has long since been over, there are people that we still keep in close contact with today. That sentiment goes beyond just the students, it also includes the instructors and faculty that build upon the program. Networking truly played a massive role in the overall experience here.

Now out with their new EP, you can have a listen in below and also download it for free!

Another promising story is one of Shawn Minoux. He is now a renowned Sound Designer at Blizzard Entertainment. Having had a humble start, Shawn quickly climbed the ladder to success owing to his immense talent and perseverance.

I have always been passionate about audio and found great enjoyment as a child editing music, djing local events, and adding sound to our family home movies. This evolved through college in to a career in radio and theater. After many years working in radio, I decided to pursue a long-time desire to design sounds for video games. It is this goal that ultimately lead me to Pyramind.

Pyramind provided me a supportive environment to learn and participate with others that share my interest in game audio. Their excellent instructors helped inspire and focus my passion. Their frequent events related to music and games helped me to learn from and network with many important people in the game audio community.
Pyramind is an active studio working on some of the biggest games in development and pass this knowledge and expertise on to their students. That said, just going to school will not guarantee success. Nothing will be given to you, but if you know what you want and work hard to achieve your goals, Pyramind will definitely help you succeed.


Prominent Progressive Trance producer SNR aka Swapneel Ukhalkar was introduced to Pyramind through a Jaytech seminar. Citing it as a “great learning center”, he has some sound advice for budding producers.

FINISH YOUR TRACKS and don’t be afraid to experiment. Most of the magic happens outside of your comfort zone. What’s the worst that could happen? You’ll have another track under your belt at the very least!



Ron Reeser is a sparkling name in the electro house scene of music. Currently working with renowned labels such as Jetset Music and Ultra Music/Records, he’s constantly touring and on major label remix projects. Defining his sound as “House music with big kick drums, dirty bass, epic synths, and quirky sounds”, he still tries varying and experimenting – a skill he says he incurred from his time at Pyramind.

Pyramind has really helped to enhance my music production knowledge and streamline my workflow. With instructors, such as David Earl, Timo Preece, and Bryan Dale there’s really no shortage of expertise. They all bring their own unique skill set and real world experience to the table.
Being taught from them not only has helped me gain a better in-depth understanding of audio production, but Pyramind has also motivated me to keep up my education on the latest tools and techniques, which is critical for staying ahead in the industry.

It’s hard to point out one unique story as everyday was just as exciting as the last. If it wasn’t participating in live recordings for video games such as World of Warcraft, the various guest speakers from the industry that come in to share there insight on the business, it’s Timo Preece teaching us a little bit of controllerism. I don’t think my time at Pyramind is really over as this is just the beginning.

Catch more of the success stories here.


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