Avicii Announces New Single ‘The Days’ From Upcoming Album ‘Stories’!

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Avicii reshaped and remodeled the contemporary musical ethos of Dance Music with his 2013 album ‘True‘. The album broke barriers and widened stylistic horizons of music making, setting benchmarks for some alluring works from producers in recent months. Immersing acoustic and folk sensibilities within an entirely electronic setting, Avicii has not only established a sound unique to himself, but a sound that resonates loudly with global audiences and even the most esteemed of his contemporaries, having now sold over 25 million singles worldwide! And now, it seems the still-young Swedish superstar seeks to replicate that glorious run with his upcoming second studio album ‘Stories‘. Despite his current medical condition, the producer is able to creep in a few working hours in the day, as he gives us his new single ‘The Days‘.


Avicii participated with Fashion mogul Ralph Lauren in a rare combination to present his new single ‘The Days‘ in a teaser video, which shows some signature Denim collections from the Fashion label’s portfolio. The track features some warm and alluring string work before a euphoric and uplifting vocal hook ushers in poetic lyrics. Piano chords are immersed with the elements before a happy-synth break breaks in and calls for a spirit of celebration, that Avicii expresses through this introduction on the song

This new song is inspired by my friends and fans all the days we’ve shared…

Thank you for sharing your dance moves and taking this collaboration to the next level.

Set for a UK release date on 23rd November, with the full album release to follow in 2015, The Days’ is a testament to Aviciis consistently evolving musical style . You can pre-order the single here!


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