Fehrplay Talks to The Bangin Beats about his “Pyara” for India!


Jonas von der Fehr, or as he’s known to the world of dance music, Fehrplay, has been in the limelight recently for his brilliant release “Pyara” inspired by India. He wrote it while he was on tour here, and simply fell in love with the vibe.

He is, in our opinion, one of dance music’s most prolific producers, and never fails to amaze us with each track dished out from his studio. On stage, he’s something else altogether, as each of his sets simply take you on a journey of the most brilliant sounds you’ve ever heard.

We recently spoke to Fehrplay about “Pyara”, the inspiration behind it, and what we can expect from him in future!

TBB: Your very first release was Meow. How would you describe your journey since Meow?
Fehrplay: It feels like an eternity since I worked on Meow. So much has happened. It’s definitely been a great experience as well as an adventure. I still feel like a lot of the same inspirations are with me, and I’m lucky that the dream seems to become more of a reality every day. What i am most grateful for is that I am surrounded by positive people in both my private and work life, who have been there since the beginning and who i get to share this journey with.

TBB: How was your visit to India last year?
Fehrplay: Amazing. I was back in Bangalore in August too, and it is truly an incredible country. I feel blessed to be able to go there and play music. India is magical; the energy of the place and the people, i know its somewhere I will be coming back to again and again. Its truly a privilege to explore and experience the culture, the food, as well as the growing electronic music scene.

TBB: Here’s the question everybody’s dying to know. What inspired the name of your newest track? It’s called ‘Pyara’ meaning “love” in hindi. What’s the story behind this unique naming?
Fehrplay: I started the track when I was in India last year, and I completely fell in love with the country, so I thought I’d pay tribute by naming the track something in hindi. And what better than ‘love’?


TBB: In sound, ‘Pyara’ has a few notes that sound very much like Eric Prydz’ Glow, especially with the reverb effect. Was that your inspiration before composing it?
Fehrplay: Absolutely. I love Glow. The synth has such an hypnotic groove. It’s impossible to not be inspired by the music you love.

TBB: Your sound has never been uniformly noticeable to most, would you say you’ve changed or tweaked it a little bit specifically for mau5trap?
Fehrplay: Hmm good question! I think in the beginning there wasn’t any intentions of making a sound specific to Mau5trap, but of the back of the release of Pyara, Im producing a lot of similar tracks, which I think also could be great for mau5trap. So we will see what happens!

TBB: Another track that you’d be releasing, “Everywhere” has a warm summery chord progression,and a nu-disco-ish bassline. Very different from your usual sound, can we expect more experiments like this?
Fehrplay: Most definitely. I’ve also been very fond of the 90’s happy rave sound, and try to implement that as much as possible when producing. I think we might see a ‘Everywhere 2’ soon 😉

TBB: What’s in store for Fehrplay’s future?
Fehrplay: More music! A lot of new releases are coming soon, as well as a few remixes including a remix of deadmau5 which should be out next month that I’m very excited about. Tour wise, I’ll be in Australia and Europe a lot before Christmas. And I’m also doing gigs in the US which I’m really looking forward to!

TBB: Fehrplay’s top 3 #Bangin tracks?
Fehrplay: Petter B – Voltage Controlled Time

Hot since 82 – Sombody, Everybody

Chymera – Shadowdancer (Gregor Tresher remix)


You can buy “Pyara” off beatport, here.



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