Dance Music Takes A Stand Against Cancer


It’s not very unusual about dance music being contributive towards society. Events solely dedicated to a particular cause has been a common act of kind-heartedness. This time it is the LA-based duo, consisting of Rob May and Ian MacPherson better known as The Bixel Boys who made a wave of popularity with their #FREELIFE jersey.

One of the hottest clothing items of the year, #FREELIFE has reached DJs/producers and tastemakers. Till now the likes of Skrillex, Emoh Instead of What So Not, Martin Garrix, Dillon Francis, Leighton of Adventure Club, and Lil Jon are some of the stars who have been seen sporting the jersey.

At first the duo initially printed just 50 jerseys, but after the high demands from their fans, a new lot will be sold by them starting from October 7th. As the duo had already declared, 100% of the proceeds will be going directly to Camp Kesem, a non-profit organization that raises money to send children, whose parents have been affected by cancer to a free week of summer camp. According to Camp Kesem’s website, more than 3 million children are affected by a parent’s cancer. Camp Kesem states,

Because they [kids] don’t appear sick, their needs are often over looked and they suffer quietly, leading to academic, social, emotional, and developmental problems.

It’s true that Cancer can tear apart so much, but children should still be able to live a normal childhood. An organization like Camp Kesem helps provide children with the opportunity to simply act like kids and donating 100% of the #FREELIFE jersey proceeds to Camp Kesem is a fantastic decision by Bixel Boys. The duo are also currently running a ThunderClap campaign to help spread a message about Camp Kesem and the jerseys. On the ThunderClap page, they wrote:

For those who have wanted this jersey, and wanted to represent what it stands for, this is their chance; and we hope through this campaign we’ve been able to spread a culture of positivity and serve those who deserve it.


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