Steve Aoki issues Cease & Desist order to Wunderground

Seems like everyone’s in the mood for suing someone or the other. After Rain Man suing the Yousaf sisters for kicking him out of Krewella, its now Steve Aoki‘s turn. No, he’s not being kicked out of anywhere.
Wunderground, a satire and a self proclaimed electronic music comedy website, runs on its successful ability to troll readers with their outrageous, hilarious pieces. In a 30 day crowdfunding experiment in partnership with Indiegogo, which saw the website launch its own clothing range to raise money, featured tees that said “Ask me about my shit DJ impression” and upon flipping it, showed Steve Aoki‘s face.


A regular victim of Wunderground‘s articles, Steve did not take this joke very lightly, sending Wunderground a Cease & Desist order, arguing that Wundergound did not receive the authority to use Aoki’s likeness from either Aoki or Ultra Music, who owns the licensing, and that for them to profit off of the shirts would “subject the individuals in that [fundraising] crowd to liability for conspiring to unlawfully usurp our client’s and Ultra’s intellectual property.
Wunderground further responded in their own style in another satirical piece, even going on to say “Steve doesn’t see the funny side though, and he has sent his attorney to beat us up. Apparently he is going to be waiting for us after school tomorrow, and it’s not going to be pretty!
Unfortunately for Wunderground, Steve Aoki and his management hold the upper ground here, since it is his image and it cannot be used for profilt unless proper permissions have been taken, which Wunderground don’t seem to have.
But this story couldn’t have come up at a better time for Aoki, as his latest studio album, Neon Future I is set to release on the 30th of September, and gives it enough attention it needs before its release.
Check out the full Cease & Desist order from Steve Aoki‘s management to Wunderground by clicking here.


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