Avicii opens up about health issues, says he needed a break

In an interview with Billboard recently, Avicii opened up about the health issues that have been surrounding him of late.
After undergoing surgery in March earlier this year, that required the removal of his gall bladder and cancelling his performance at Ultra Music Festival in Miami, the Swedish DJ and producer took a month off to recover. However, that break wasn’t how it sounded.

It wasn’t really a month off. I was in the studio 12 hours a day, and then went right back to touring. It’s hard to say no in this industry. You want to play everything and be everywhere.” says Tim

And now he has had to cancel his upcoming tours and shows, which included a mainstage performance at TomorrowWorld, due to growing concerns about his health again.

Since my operation, I’d just been going and going. I was dropping weight. I needed to take a break.” says Avicii in his first interview since his cancellations.

Earning $24 million in 2013 through residencies in Las Vegas and deals with Coca Cola and Ralph Lauren, that meant Avicii barely had time to look after himself, with an already strenuous touring schedule. Now he says “I’m going to try to slow it down. Taking a break was the absolute best thing I’ve done. I’m doing better and better.

Avicii’s manager Ash Pournouri echoes the same sentiments regarding Tim’s health. “We’ll hold everything off until Tim is completely back on track. We’re not going to make any presumptions about when that will happen. We’re just keeping an eye on him and when he’s going to be completely healthy so we don’t have to deal with any of this ever again.” he said.

Source: Billboard


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