Did Daft Punk Allegedly Surprise Fans at San Francisco With A Live Performance?



Red Bull Music Academy Culture Clash debuted at San Francisco on the 1st of October where the DirtyBird crew found itself pitted against Triple Threat, Dub Mission and Tormenta Tropical in the soundclash event. DirtyBird upped the ante when they unleashed a line-up of Major Lazer, Too $hort and (what seemed to be) Daft Punk. What are the odds of the super-elusive pair to appear for a rare performance? Many media portals have debunked the possibility and dismissed the appearance as a prank but we ask you to have a look for yourselves. From the sequined jackets to the helmets, the performers from the Culture Clash bear an uncanny resemblance to the French duo. While claims are being made that the duo was really Bay-area cover based One More Time, we hope that Daft Punk graced fans with a rare one-of-a-kind appearance.We can only wait for a confirmation!

PS: The all star line-up didn’t work to the advantage of DirtyBird and Triple Threat took the first prize home!


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