EPIC 3.0: Top Moments From Eric Prydz’ Massive Show At Madison Square Garden

If the hordes of posts on various social media hasn’t been enough to give you an idea about the mammoth ‘EPIC 3.0’, then we’re sure this article will. Swedish phenom Eric Prydz planned and executed (flawlessly might I add) a once-in-a-lifetime passion project at New York’s Madison Square Garden on 27th of September. Fans were promised a 3 hour marathon set with no ‘pre-synch’s’ or ‘push plays’ but an actual masterclass of live mixing, and if that wasn’t impressive enough Prydz executed – easily the greatest – a full on HOLO experience like none other in sync with the live mixes.

The Pryda Army had laid siege to Madison Square Garden for probably the most EPIC battle of audio v/s visual supremacy delivered by their messiah, a man of few words but many kinds of other aural wizardry.

To put any adjective before Eric’s name will always be an insufficient conquest. A legend whose legacy will never be forgotten, millennials will be telling their grandchildren about the spell-binding awe they were in when he took to the decks and created a night that will be forever irreparable.

New York City, an apt host for such a mega event had the privilege of showcasing Prydz’s one-off passion project concert, a way to give back to his fans and for whoever was present, to be mesmerized by the something worthy of giving them boosegumps for years to come. This was EPIC 3.0.

With his protégé Jeremy Olander taking the reins to deliver a deep, dark and grimey opener all the pent-up euphoria was waiting to explode with his signature Pryda sound of uplifting and melodic beats. Once Prydz took over, what yogis and babas seek to attain in their lifetime was interjected into your bloodstream over the next 3 hours – pure and utter nirvana.
Here are the top moments from the gig!

The Opening Unknown 

For an adrenaline junkie the rush you get when you do something for the first time is always going to be a benchmark and never a milestone. Having absolutely no idea what to expect is probably the best idea. Otherwise you’d have carried an adult diaper just in case. From virtual darkness to the mammoth production that suddenly decimates your neurotransmitters once the show begins, is by far the most unprepared and unbelievable feeling you will ever have. It dawns upon you that for the next 3 hours you will be a bonafide space cadet.



Let’s just call this a lazer bukkake, when On/Off v/s Lazer Beams gets dropped all you see is a blinking green dot in a pitch dark arena for about 5 minutes waiting to climax. As soon as you hear the lyrics – ‘hit me with those lazer beams’ 32 lazers bust a nut in unison all over Madison Square Garden while the thirsty audience laps up this spectacle with orgasmic hysteria.

Professional Jesus

And then God said: "Let there be light"

Just like Sachin Tendulkar is a God to his fans, so is Eric to his. It’s a rare sight to see Eric get animated up on stage but for the first time in the whole night we saw him levitate. While dropping his remix of Depeche Mode’s Personal Jesus you could see his excitement during the build, the gargantuan 3-D hologram turned The Garden into a Cathedral and Prydz, the designated pontiff for the night vigourously jumped up and down with all his devotees. Such a leveling moment for everyone.

Complete Liberation 

When the entire effing stadium knows that ONE song, you suddenly feel connected with everyone. As the vocals of Liberate belted through the speakers the rapturous singing of the crowd overshadowed the sound and visuals. And to take things up a notch from where they already were definitely required a team effort. A team of 15,000 Pryda faithfuls

The End 

Prydz closed with quite possibly his best masterpiece till date. His remix of Tether by Chvrches brought out any and every remaining stray emotion that was still left in your system. Endorphins surged, couples embraced, strangers smiled, but we were still feeling incapable of seeing the end. Thank you Eric! Looking forward to EPIC 4.0 minus the Skymiles.

For those who didn’t make it, we were absolutely gutted.

So far we’ve had to satiate our appetite with 2 outstanding videos posted by the main man himself on his Facebook page. Yet, one ardent fan was on a mission to document this inspiring occasion for as long as possible (a little over an hour!) and the fruits of his labour has been posted to the interwebs for our viewing pleasure!

It’s not surprising to come across fans who are still beating themselves up for missing the showcase event (looks at TomorrowWorld goers) but alas as the famous saying goes “Something is better than nothing” and boy are we thankful for this hour of absolute genius! So sit back, relax (if it’s possible) and enjoy the show. Trust us when we say, you will get Goosebumps!

Show pics below (WARNING: May cause Eyegasms):

Hit me, hit me, hit me, hit me, hit me with those laser beams!


This is not shopped. Really.

(Pics courtesy Dancing Astronaut)

Top Moments Courtesy: Ashish Dusija

Fan Video Wordings Courtesy: Jinen Gandhi


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