Gig Alert: Guy J India Tour with Ankytrixx


Israeli producer Guy J has established himself as one of the most sophisticated and emotive producers in electronic music of the last decade, with a body of work and a sphere of influence that belies relatively short time in the spotlight. Whether it be his sensual, hypnotic take on house music, his deeply textured techno or his wondrous ambient material, his work is always touched with a magic and emotion that few rival. 

“I’m very sensitive person, so I think what I make is what I feel at the moment I make it” he explains of the deeply emotional qualities of his music. “I started as big fan of trance and progressive, and got exposed later on to techno and house\deep house. I’m trying to put all this together in my music; a bit of everything.”

Guy started producing at the age of 14, amassing a wealth of equipment and experience and dedicating his life to learning the craft . His first release came at the age of 21, but it was his 2007’s gem Save Me that proved to be his real launchpad. John Digweed snapped up the glistening, dramatic slice of deeper house music up for his legendary Bedrock Records, setting in motion a chain of events that would change his life forever. “It was like a dream coming true. I never knew it would lead me to having two albums on a label that I really grew up with.”

Now this phenomenal producer, probably one of the best, most skilled producers of our time, visits India for his annual India tour and part of the sLick’s sLick Turns 3 celebrations, with none other than one of India’s best techno acts, Ankit Kocher or Ankytrixx.


Event Details:


Friday, 10th October: Playboy Club, Hyderabad

Saturday, 11th October: Blue Frog, Mumbai

Sunday, 12th October: Terra Maya, Guwahati


2 responses to “Gig Alert: Guy J India Tour with Ankytrixx

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