Kaskade Talks Krewella, Social Media and Professional Life


Kaskade recently made it onto the NYC’s Advertising Week alongside media experts Doug Ray and Bonin Bough to discuss the role of Youtube in maintaining his brand. On Video Today: Where Culture for Brands is Born, Kaskade talked about how he uses his social networking space and media presence to directly interact with his fans.

On my channel I’m just sharing insight, I mean anything from ‘hey this is music that I’m listening to,’ to ‘this is what I’m doing in the studio,’ ‘this is my life on the road,’ I feel like I can speak to the fans really directly. I didn’t have to wait for radio to break my song. I put it up on YouTube, a self produced video, get it out there and see what the reaction is and start some momentum that way.

He also talks about the need for staying up to date and impromptu for social media branding, where he took on the latest Krewella controversy. Within minutes of his joke with Deadmau5 about starting a new band, the two had memes on the same. He discusses the importance of Twitter among other social media platforms to establish one’s brand.

It’s about living in real time. Things are happening so fast; the message is always changing. Deadmau5 and I were having some banter on twitter last night about Krewella–  one of their former band mates is suing the other two band members, and it’s kind of like – that’s happening right now. He made a comment. I retweeted it. He was like ‘hey, let’s start a band,’ and we were slagging on the fact that these guys were suing each other. But it was hot last night. Without constraints, it’s about moving really fast.

You can read the whole discussion here.


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