Henry Fong Releases The Entire Ableton Project File For His New Track!



In a truly unprecedented move for any DJ or Producer, EDM sensation Henry Fong has just released the Ableton working file in its entirety for his latest Beatport topper ‘Scream‘ with J-Trick. The track has been performing very well on major Dance music charts as well as finding its place among top DJ sets across the globe. Fong decided to share his working techniques with young and budding producers in order to inspire them as well as show them the enormous efforts it takes to produce a song of this capacity. He announced the same via his Facebook page, with a heartfelt message, which goes as follows.

Really excited to release the Ableton project file for mine and J-Trick‘s track ‘Scream’ today via Splice ! It’s kind of unprecedented to be releasing a whole session file while the track is in the beatport top 10, but I know a lot of you guys on here are producers and DJs and would really appreciate this. I really enjoy giving back to you guys especially after all the support the past 3 years! So here is the project; the song is far from “professor shit”, but sometimes keeping it simple is the “professor shit”. The track is more about getting the right groove and selecting the right sounds to compliment that, so I hope you guys can learn some stuff from it. Feel free to remix it, make a mashup, steal the kick, look at the master chain, show your grandma how I compress, whatever! Enjoy!


You can view the file exclusively from Splice here.




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