10 Things You Need To Know About Krewella

k sisters

As we count days until one of the best nights will be written into the legend, with Krewella unleashing the party hounds at Sunburn Noida this week, we get you all the information you need to catch up on the sizzling duo (which was a trio only till recently) before you step into the Krewcity! Here are the 10 things you need to know:

1.Formerly made up of  sisters Yasmine & Jahan Yousaf as vocalists, and Kris Trindl aka Rain Man as producer/DJ, Krewella’s inception was marked by the three members agreeing to give up their individual careers, schooling, and any other intentions for their lives, to dedicate all of their time to the trio’s joint music career June 8, 2010. Each member also got matching “6-8-10” tattoos to commemorate this day. Sadly, Rain Man is no longer the part of the Krew.

krew tat

Lollapalooza 2013 - Vevo Pre-Party

2.  Krewella got it’s name coined by Jahan before her baby sister Yasmine was made a part of the act. Jahan and Kris were writing songs when the name just popped into Jahan’s head with the exact same spelling and she knew the very instant that “Krewella” was meant to be the act’s name. There was no looking back after that!


3. Krewella loves interacting with their fans. addressing them as their “Krew”, the act maintains a tight relationship with the fans, always asking them for suggestions for album titles or tour names. The act prefers to play at huge festivals and chill with as many fans as they can at a time.

krew performing


4. Krewella are suckers for Grimy Kids! Energetic, power packed & Sweaty crowds at concerts are Krewella’s favourites because they feel they can connect to them better and share the same vibe as well. They encourage their fans to not hesitate from raging with the crowd and dance until they’re drenched.

sweaty crew

5. The Krewella sisters never forget their roots. Schooled in Chicago, the Yousaf sisters were deeply inspired by the metal and alternative/indie rock music scene that the city is known for and still continue reflect them in their music. While Jahan has sung for her school Choir, Yasmine has been support vocalist for indie rock band Sunset and Camden too.

singin k

6. Apart from the ‘6-8-10’ tattoo, Yasmine sports some other interesting ink as well. On the On the back of her upper right arm, she added a tattoo of Deathly Hallows symbol from Harry Potter in April 2013. She also has a portrait of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain with half of his face as a zombie on her right forearm which was drawn by her fan for her.

yas tat HP

yas tat kurt

7. In 2013, AskMen dared each member of Krewella to pull off some amusing stunts which included Jahan to go on a blind date with a fan, Rain Man to sing Alive and Yasmine to hustle CDs on a street corner while rapping as her alter ego, “Clitty Cat.”

clitty-cat krew

8. Krewella has been actively contributing towards charity by teaming up with the eminent EDM apparel brand, Electric Family to benefit ‘Dance For Paralysis‘ project whose mission is to raise money and awareness for those who are physically paralyzed.

krewella DFP

9.  The choice of liquid weapon for Krewella is Whiskey. “When it comes to partying, going hard is definitely whiskey for us. Once you throw whiskey in the mix, it’s just over” said the act.


10. What would the Krewella sisters never leave home without?
-Blackmilk leggings, Drop Dead tanks, Clif bars, Paul Mitchell spray wax and Doc Marten boots.

Krewella, Photography by Indira Cesarine

There you go, now that you’ve got a scoop into Krewella’s world, Its time join the Krew!


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