Watch This: Skrillex and Dillon Francis flaunt their bromance

It’s no secret that Skrillex loves Dillon Francis and Dillon Francis loves Skrillex. Both the LA natives are known for clowning around with each other, as it is evident from their shenanigans from Skrillex’s Mothership tour or the coffee run episode with Deadmau5. And now they have something else to add to that list.

Both Sonny and Dillon were giving an interview at the recently concluded TomorrowWorld, which evidently showed the friendship that bonds the two producers. While Dillon Francis is busy with the release of his debut album “Money Sucks, Friends Rule“, Skrillex has been involved with Diplo for their collaborative effort JACK U.

When the interviewer asked them “What is about this that makes it work so well?” referring to their relationship, both of them were quick to explain

We’re both from LA, we both kind of grew up the same way” exclaimed Dillon, and Sonny followed up with “we have different sounds but they’re also very similar in terms of the energy, we’re both unique. Whenever we play together it works and we have the same fans so it’s awesome.
Check out the interview here below.


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