Armin van Buuren announces A State of Trance Festival Tour for 2015

Armin van Buuren announces A State of Trance Festival Tour for 2015

Calling all the trance fanatics! Once again it is October, the time of the year when trance legend Armin van Buuren announces his annual A State of Trance tour plans and as foreseen he’s finally revealed the details about his upcoming ASOT 700 journey. Contrasting the previous editions and stirring into the unexplored region this year, A State of Trance 700 will take the festival form with multiple stages around the world beginning from Australia’s trance hotspots Sydney and Melbourne on February 6th and 7th, 2015 consecutively.

After things kick off in Australia, Armin will take the ASOT 700 tour to his homeland city of Utrecht, Netherlands on February 21st. Although, the line-ups are yet to be announced, followers should expect only the best DJs within the trance and electronic music industry. The festival significantly promises to deliver the spirit of ASOT, created “for and by the fans”. Adding to the epic is the usual and may be even more technologically improved live stream of the festivals that will be hosted through the A State of Trance website.

We’ll be taking this concept to the next level, with different festivals on different continents, during which the radio studio will get a more prominent place than ever,” Armin announced. “We’re all looking for that special State and hope to reach that through different artists and music, for example by giving new talent a platform to perform. The interaction with my fans is key to me, that’s why ‘Together in A State of Trance’ will be the new theme this year.”

Check the A State of Trance Festival Tour website here and the official video for the tour below.


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