How Much Do You Think Your Favourite DJ is Worth?

How Much Do You Think Your Favourite DJ is Worth?

Recently, Celebrity Networth published the estimated net worth of young producer Martin Garrix. How much, you ask? A staggering $14 million! That’s how massive the growth in the industry has been. After winning the SLAM! FM “DJ Talent of the Year” in 2012, producing a Christina Aguilera album track and the release of the daunting ‘Animals‘, Garrix has leaped over industry legends in terms of sheer wealth. Let’s take a closer look. We’ve listed out the top 15 paid DJs.

1) Tiësto: $90 million
2) Calvin Harris: $70 million
3) Daft Punk: $68 million
4/5) Paul Oakenfold & Avicii: $60 million
6) Paul van Dyk: $56 million
7) Armin van Buuren: $50 million
8) John Digweed: $48 million
9/10/11) Steve Aoki & David Guetta & Deadmau5: $45 million
12) Judge Jules: $42 million
13/14) Afrojack & Sasha: $40 million
15) Kaskade: $35 million

Combining to a cumulative total of $794 million, these chosen 15 rake in more moolah than the entire nominal GDP of a number of small island conglomerates. Literally speaking, that’s 12% of the EDM industry between these select few. Despite Garrix not making this list, he’s still in the top 50, and quite close to Hardwell ($17 million), Carl Cox & Zedd ($16 million).
Disclaimer: These numbers are purely estimates, and a significant margin for error has been acknowledged. Celebrity Networth clearly explains their process to account for this: “To calculate the net worths, we took into account all music sales, merchandise, touring revenue, licensing, endorsements, real estate, royalties and more. We obtained that information from all publicly available sources, promoters, managers, club owners and, in some cases, the artists themselves. Finally, we took out taxes and various other fees to cover management, agents and legal expenses.” Look at these numbers not as fact but as a estimated calculations to observe trends, all in a theoretical framework. 


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