TJR ft. Dances With White Girls – Ass Hypnotized (Original Mix)

TJR - Ass Hypnotized ft. Dances With White Girls (Original Mix)

TJ Rozdilsky better known as TJR has built a daunting list of originals and remixes since the time he entered the EDM scene in 2008. With his signature Bounce sound and in an era of increasingly pre-programmed sets, TJR is an artist to look for behind the decks. The King of Bounce has just released his long awaited single ‘Ass Hypnotized’ which he had premiered at Ultra Miami earlier this year.

Featuring Dances With White Girls, it is a track just right to clamber the fans with its killer bounce and funky style. With bounce-y funk and perfect vocals, it certainly sounds like it’s more suited for the warmer summer months. Simply a magnificent anthem for the new generation, ‘Ass Hypnotized’ has now released and can be bought off Beatport. Check this space next week as the official music video for the single lands then.


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