Chris Schweizer – Daredevil (Original Mix)

Chris Schweizer – Daredevil (Original Mix)

Argentinian producer Chris Schweizer has returned with his novel single ‘Daredevil’ comprising of all his typical cross elements of progressive, electro and trance. The exciting thing about the single is that it has been released on Armada’s renewed sub-label Armada Captivating. Already having things in motion with new tracks like David Gravell’s ‘The Last of Us‘ and Beat Service remix of Paul Oakenfold’s ‘Touch Me‘, this is the third release on the label and is all set to bring fire with it.

The primary part of the track is aligned more in the direction of trance world with inspiring synth chords and dire stabs for supreme mystery while the breakdown as you may predict is a combination of aggressive electro sounds with a progressive melody. ‘Daredevil’ has been released and is now available for purchase off Beatport.


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