Gig Review: Sunburn Mumbai 2014


Sunburn has, over the last couple of seasons, become synonymous with the best in Dance Music deliverance, owing to its larger-than-life stage productions, its consistently impressive artist line-up and that integral essence of music that unites diverse audiences. Having already conquered the shores of Goa over seasoned festivals for over a decade, the mega-event began its satellite-city events in attempt to build the mood around their mammoth festival in December. However, over the past couple of years, the independent Festival legs, namely of Mumbai & Noida have garnenred a hugely positive response to earn the right to be one of the most anticipated events of the year. This year was no different, as the buildup and the subsequent Festival itself thronged social media rooms and media platforms for weeks! The result: one of the marquee festivals of the year – with a host of headliners and one of the best festival experiences this city has experienced yet. We take a look at the Sunburn Mumbai 2014 experience, where resident DJs Zaeden & (S)Haan set the stage for scintillating international acts, Cazzette, Krewella & W&W.

The Stage




Sunburn Arena is recognized worldwide for its dazzling sets and arenas, that can encompass thousands and yet make the experience wholesome and unique at the same time. The beloved ‘cubezoid’ stage made its appearance outside the shores of Goa, as the dizzying inclined planes flanked the backdrop of the stage, showering the audience with sky-adorning lasers and pyrotechnics. We’ve always been stunned by the set production at the Sunburn Arena, and Mumbai 2014 was no exception. With the stage under limited operation during the sets of resident DJs Zaeden and (S)Haan, the light & sound spectacle came to a full effect once Cazzette came on decks. The night was further fired up by Krewella who covered every expanse of the stage with their enthralling performance. W&W with their tall stature and glistening reputation did more than justice to the fantastic sound & light production. The rest of the arena was nestled into trees and informal games and activities – that just lend the entire flavor of an extensive festival compacted into one day.

The Artists





The Sunburn Arena has never disappointed with its exhaustive roster, and Mumbai 2014 was no different. Kicking off proceedings as the face of India’s upcoming talent brigade were Zaeden and (S)Haan. Juicing up the crowd to the heavy raging to follow the young DJs kept it right with gradually building momentum, preparing for the main acts for the night.


Swedish duo Cazzette marched onto the stage and conquered the crowds with their first ever performance in the city. The duo played a perfect set merging electro with a dabble of innovative mashups and remixes. Tom Staar & Ansolo‘s ‘Totem‘ was shadowed by the likes of Dansson & Marlon Hoffstadt‘s ‘Shake That (Tom Staar Remix)‘. From their own portfolio, the duo dropped ‘Beam Me Up‘ and ‘Sleepless (A-Trak Remix)‘.

4 9

The duo was followed by the highly anticipated debutante act Krewella. The sisters from Chicago were relentless with their track selection as they imparted tremendous energy on the unsuspecting audience. With their own tracks such as ‘Party Monster’, ‘Live For The Night (Pegboard Nerds Remix)‘ & ‘Enjoy the ride‘, they kept the audience on their toes and screaming for more. The pleasure was to watch them perform their vocals for every one of their songs live, enriching the experience for their fans. The highlight of their set was the live performance of their anthemic collaboration with Nicky RomeroLegacy‘ and a phenomenal Indian touch with Punjabi MC ‘Beware Of The Boys (LooKas & D!RTY AUDIO Festival Re-Twerk)’.




The headliners and final act for the night were Dutch superstar duo W&W. The electro-trance giants played a set of tremendous energy dishing out some of their biggest collaborations such as Hardwell & W&WJumper‘, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike vs W&WWaves (Tomorrowland 2014 Anthem)’, Hardwell & W&W feat. Fatman ScoopDon’t Stop The Madness‘ & W&W & HeadhunterzShocker’. The kept the temperature rising and the mood festivious with their remixes of Armin van Buuren feat. Trevor GuthrieThis Is What It Feels Like (W&W Remix)‘ &  Zombie Nation ‘Kernkraft 400 (W&W Remix)’. Ending their mighty set with their own ‘Lift Off!’, the duo had set the stage for the Goa leg to kick off in the following months.


The Vibe




Sunburn Arena has been a festival for the music lover, the young & restless, the wise & the perfectionist and they have become exceedingly efficient at being consistent at it. The crowds at the venue were diverse yet energetic, sporting artist t-shirts, eccentric jewellery and plenty of good moves. The genres of music touched in the span of a few hours was so elaborate, that it was the best opportunity for one and all to show their best moves. Informal settings and a tightrope stuntman kept the audiences in the rear occupied as well, as the Sunburn Arena was not going to let anyone just be a passerby. A night of color, flavor and friendship, the crowd only reciprocated the energy lent to them by the artists.

17 14


With a host of events left this year alone, the Sunburn calendar this season seems to be running in to break their own records! We await the next star-studded night, which will hopefully once again leave us breathless and begging for more.


Special thanks to the entire team at Sunburn for giving us a weekend of absolute mayhem and madness, and one we won’t easily forget!

Review by: Hamed Khalidi

Edited by: Shule Puri


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