Pete Tong Talks About The Current State & Future Of EDM

Pete Tong Talks About The Current State & Future Of EDM

Hearing about the future from a long time veteran in the electronic dance music community like Pete Tong, is at no time a thing to miss. Chief entity Pete recently talked with Village Voice about the present state and future of EDM. Instead of the typical nightclub scene where many original EDM fans had already been, the music started hitting the open-air arenas, empty fields, and attracted with it a very large following of newbies.

He talks about music as it made its way over to the new generation, it came through a more splendid and enormous medium than it ever had and attracted the youth more than most of the previous audiences.

European DJs like David Guetta, finally started to make music that was breaking onto Top 40 Radio. And then when people started hearing it on Top 40 Radio, people were drawn towards the scene for the very first time that really knew nothing about it.”, says Pete.

This EDM boom has literally carried a heap of new fans to the table, which has allowed for a variety of sounds and experiences to come to fulfilment. While discussing about the future of EDM, Pete put a lot emphasis on the genre of Deep House and other similar styles of music.

Pete added, “Fans are bored and slowly leaving EDM fest’s Main Stage headliners for the other, deeper, darker sounds coming from the smaller tents that surround them. The more authentic DJs are sick of being grouped with the DJs who don’t appreciate how far the music has come, and are rebranding both their sound and their space in music.

This new path for dance music is not only confined to Deep House though as Pete states, it can really refer to anything that isn’t your typical EDM, weather it be techno or acid. You can check the full interview through the source below to know what else Pete has to say about the EDM scene.

Source: Village Voice


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